Our Story

The Kūmara Pie is the creation of Elijah Cooper, founder of Elemental Eats, a successful Wellington based Food Truck. Elijah’s vision for the pie started with taking a 'kiwi' fast food staple and creating an alternative that was nutritious, tasty and suitable for those committed to consuming real whole food.

It has been a labour of love trialing different cooking methods, different types of kūmara and fillings. The result is a healthy, super satisfying and totally unique product full of wholefood ingredients.  Each pie is hand-crafted, with the ‘pastry’ made only of kūmara.

Combined with nutritious and delicious fillings they are made using a totally unique preparation and cooking method that has been perfected over a number of years.  The pies are produced in our own commercial kitchen in Kenepuru, Porirua.  The kitchen is certified gluten free meaning our pies are safe for those with coeliac disease. 

Three fillings are available including a fully plant-based option.  Our delicious pies are delivered frozen and can be stored for at least 12 months frozen or five days once thawed. A delicious real food product that is certainly not your average pie! Naturally gluten and dairy free.