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  • Pork & Watercress

    Slow cooked pork shoulder, marinated in coconut amino, roasted garlic and a touch of honey. Cooked with fresh water-cress. 

  • Chicken

    Free-range chicken thigh braised with roasted peppers, lime, kale, onion, roasted garlic and paprika.

  • Mushroom and Pumpkin

    Roasted pumpkin, mushroom, kale, caramelised onion and garlic with a smokey coconut gravy (vegan).

A totally unique real food product

The Kūmara Pie is the creation of Elijah Cooper. A totally unique real food product that is unlike any other pie you would have tasted!

Using NZ’s own superfood kūmara, we have created a healthy and super satisfying alternative to the Kiwi favourite, minus the pastry. Order online or direct from one of our quality stockists.

More About Us
  • Natural, wholesome ingredients

    You can find this high in fibre crispy Kūmara crust stuffed full with a range of authentically made, wholesome fillings.

  • Allergy free

    Naturally gluten and dairy free, and with a vegan option - everyone gets to enjoy the goodness of the Kūmara Pie! Our kitchen is certified gluten free so safe for those with coeliac disease.

  • Moore Wilsons & Commonsense Organics

    Moore Wilsons and Commonsense Organics stock our pies! We are proud to say that these top quality speciality food retailers stock our Kūmara Pies - check out all stockists